What is Stook?

Stook is an object storage service developed by Medianova for a wide variety of application areas. It was designed as a high performance, reliable, robust, and low-cost data storage infrastructure not only for commercial use but also for personal purposes.

Stook is compatible with the Simple Storage Service (S3) of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thanks to this property, your applications working compatibly with AWS S3 will work smoothly with Stook after your update endpoint and required credentials. After Stook account creation, you will have an endpoint, access key, and secret key.

Since Stook is compatible with AWS S3, the documentation of ASW S3 would be a complementary resource to the information provided in this guide.

The referenced features of AWS S3 in this guide are based on the API version 2006-03-01 of the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference Guide.

Host Definition

Stook supports the Path Style requests that can be used with AWS S3. However, it does not support Virtual Hosted-Style requests for now. A different hostname will be required (e.g., customername.mcdn.com) for Virtual Hosted-Style requests.

Bucket Operations

Deleting of a bucket ASW S3 does not let one delete an un-empty bucket. In such a situation, Stook deletes the contents of the buck first and then the actual bucket.
Maximum number of buckets A standard AWS S3 supports only 100 buckets. Stook on the other hand allows 10000 buckets for one account and this quantity can be increased on demand.

Object Operations

Renaming the objects


Stook allows the objects within the buckets to be renamed.
PUT Object In AWS S3, one has to upload the object with a “key-value” to rename an object. On the next step, a “PUT” operation copies the freshly given “key-value” to the original value and the old value is deleted.
GET Object The header values in the GET requests starting with “response-” string are returned in the response header fields.

Compatible Libraries and Applications

The compatible applications, their configurations, sample codes and the required documents are provided at https://docs.medianova.com/?s=Stook. Additionally, AWS S3 documents would be helpful for developers.

If you encounter any problem regarding your account or your application, please do not hesitate to e-mail support@medianova.com or call +90 212 275 5456 and reach our support team.

Medianova Team