What Is Encodio?

Encodio is a cloud encoding/transcoding platform for on-demand files and live streams. It runs on high CPU cluster with parallel processing technology, enabling very fast encoding with no capex investment.

In this article we are going to talk about:


Why Encodio?

Faster Than Real Time Encoding

Encodio divides the acquired file into pieces and sends each piece to a different CPU core for faster encoding. This enables up to 6 times faster encoding process even in HD files.

Cloud Technology

Encodio is a cloud service platform enabling full redundancy and scalability. It can be setup as SaaS or Private Cloud depending on the customer needs.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Encodio can compress a content for up to 30% more, resulting in less bandwidth consumption and less CDN costs.

Scalable Architecture

Encodio has a physical master server to manage the whole encoding process. This master server manages encoding nodes as one cloud. This means that more encoding nodes can be added to the cloud when new capacity is needed.

Business Benefits

Multiple Output

Specific output formats can be configured to each user account. So that, files are encoded to the multi- formats which are configured for their accounts and then they are copied into CDN to deliver different kinds of devices with different bitrates.

Ease of Integration, Rest API

  • Encodio has two different sets of integration.

  • Basic integration: http based get requests

  • Advanced integration: API based encoding and querying

Low Latency

Encodio operates with very low latency during the transcode process. This ensures the encoded live stream is in sync with TV service.


Encodio can be setup in active-passive mode for high redundancy for mission critical live events.