User Guide for Stook with Cyberduck

Please make sure that Medianova has provided your account information before installation. Your account information is private. Please do not share it with anyone.

When an account is created on Stook, Object Storage product of Medianova, the following credentials is shared with you to access the storage area.

Account information in the example:

Access Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Secret Key: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You can access your Stook account with Amazon S3 connector Cyberduck by following these configuration steps.

  1. Install free Cyberduck application on your computer.

  2. Open the application after installation.

  3. Press the “Open Connection” button.

  4. Select Amazon S3 from ComboBox.
  5. Once you have selected Amazon S3, enter the account information provided by Medianova in the Server, Access Key ID, and Password fields at the bottom and press Connect.
  6. After pressing the Connect button, press the Action button in the menu bar and create a “New Folder”.
  7. You can load the documents with drag&drop into the folder you created.

You can’t directly access the content that you upload to Stook as http / https. To access the contents, the CDN zone must be created associated with this storage are

If you have a problem with your account or application, you can email  or reach our support team by phone +90 212 275 5456.Medianova Team