Purge Operation

Purge Operation is the process of deleting the caches of the contents from the cache servers in Medianova CDN architecture. If you have made any update to your content and/or need to remove content to replace it with the new one, purge operation can be performed.

As an example, img-example is used as a zone name and photo.jpeg is used as a content name in this document.

When img-example.mncdn.com/photo.jpeg file is updated, which had previously cached, updated file won’t be displayed till cache time of previously cached photo.jpeg expires and get replaced with the updated file. In order to update the cache of photo.jpeg file immediately, please log in to Medianova Panel (panel.medianova.com) and perform the purge operation with the steps below:

  1. Log in to Medianova Panel.

2. Open Zones from the menu on the left side of the Panel.

3. After clicking on Zones options, all the zones created for your account will be listed. Click on the Manage button on your img-example zone and then click on the Manage Cache from drop-down menu.

4. In the following screen, enter the path of your file photo.jpeg and then click on purge.

Your operation has been successfully queued.

The operation is queued for processing on the cache servers of CDN and it can take up to 1-15 min. Then the purge operation is completed.



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