Medianova Panel Bad Bot Protection

Bot is a kind of software which is defined as “robot” in the world of computing. Bots are software products that work in a functional structure to fulfill given tasks and that all internet users come across, with or without awareness. Bot softwares do not have a specific standard. They are shaped according to the main target and designed with the aim of fulfilling the desired work. Commonly used bots can structurally analyze the websites by indexing them. Along with the development of the internet, great progress has also been made in the bot software.

Optimizations of web sites should be done in the most accurate and reliable way. Having high traffic on a website can give you the idea that the site is visited by many potential customers. But, the cause of sudden traffic increases may not be the potential business and/or customer interests. Bots can create additional overhead on your website by scanning your site like an end user. If you do not develop the infrastructure to respond to the attacks, your system may even be unable to respond.

Although there are many kinds of bots in terms of usage and purpose, we can divide the bots into two as good and bad bots.

Good Bots are bot types used to monitor your website and learn what’s going on in your network. Googlebot is an example for good bots. Google runs it to search the contents of your website to use in search results. Googlebot analyzes the code structures, page opening speeds and many other details of the websites and then determines the display order for the relevant search.

The Bad Bots are the agent softwares that hold up to 35% of internet traffic. Bad bots are developed by hackers or malicious users. They perform simple and repetitive tasks to damage the target network. These bots scan millions of websites, aim to steal their content, consume their bandwidth and hack systems by exploiting websites vulnerabilities.

Along with today’s emerging internet technologies, there are many different types of bot models that serve many different purposes, such as e-commerce, e-mail, games, news and video portals, chat and social media platforms. Being aware of these bots has been very important in terms of security.

Medianova CDN is a cloud computing platform with a broad portfolio of customers. It is our primary goal to ensure the security of the web portals of our customers that have different features and functionality. In parallel, the security customers’ subscribers are also provided. For this reason, the “Bad Bot Protection” has been activated on Medianova Panel to detect and eliminate malicious software in our customers’ systems. Customers using Medianova services need to follow the steps below from Medianova Panel to block malicious bots.

Bot Protection on Medianova Panel

  1. To access the panel, please log in to with your username and password. (If the 2-FA feature is active, the corresponding field should be filled. If not, please leave this field empty.)

2. After you log in, click on Zones from the menu on the left side of the panel screen.

3. After clicking on Zones, a list of your Medianova accounts will be displayed. Select the Security option from the drop-down list on the Management button which is on the right side of the account that Bad bot protection feature will be activated.


4. When the Security page is opened, click on the Bot Protection tab. Choose the Yes option and then click on the Update button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When the steps above are completed, bad bot protection is activated on your account. From the link below, you can access the bot reference list which has been accepted as bad bot on a global scale and will be blocked by our system.