Thanks to the panel created by Medianova, you can easily manage your accounts by logging in from the login screen.

Follow the steps below to integrate our CDN service to your website through the panel.

  1. Enter the Zones section of the Dashboard.

2. To create a zone account click the links for detailed information about zone types (Small, Large, Aksela)

3. Select a Zone from the Zone list.

4. Enter the Origin URL. The CDN URL will be generated automatically according to the Zone Name you specify.

The CDN URL and the ORIGIN URL below are examples.

Origin URL Zone URL (CDN URL)


Let’s first explain the terms Origin URL and CDN URL:

  • Origin URL: the URL address that holds the origin server’s information.
  • CDN URL: The URL address that is integrated into the CDN service of a website and where users reach the content.


For the CDN configuration process, you must replace the source code that contains your Origin URL with the CDN URL.

Examples of HTML code illustrating how to configure a CDN URL with the Origin URL:

Origin URL

<img src=”” alt=”” />


<img src=”/images/logos/logo.jpg” alt=”” />


<img src=”” alt=”” />

Source codes are replaced with the CDN URL instead of the Origin URL as mentioned above.

Thus, our CDN service becomes active on your site.

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