How to create a CNAME record?

Canonical Name (CNAME) is the nickname given to URL records.
You can use the URL defined by yourself instead of the CDN URL provided by Medianova. You find a description below of how you can do this.

  1. Login to the Medianova panel with your username and password.
  2. Enter the Zones section from the Dashboard.
  3. In the Zone, you want to operate from the registered zones, click on the Manage button to select the Overview section.
  4. Here you can see the CDN URL defined for your site.
  5. In the Dashboard> Zones> Settings section, you can add the desired URL for CNAME domain registration and add it with the right + Add button. Example:

If you are using SSL, to use CNAME you need to add information in the Zones> Manage> SSL tab through the Medianova panel.

Please enter the SSL Certificate and SSL Key for the SSL installation. You can use the below doc link for you can do these configurations.

For the CDN configuration process, you have to replace the source code that contains your Origin URL with the CDN URL.

Examples of HTML code illustrating how to configure a CDN URL with the Origin URL.

Origin URL

<img src=”” alt=”” />


<img src=”/images/logos/logo.jpg” alt=”” />


<img src=”” alt=”” />

Source codes are replaced with the CDN URL instead of the Origin URL as mentioned above.

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