Open a New Zone for Small Object

A new zone for small objects opens for the delivery of small-sized content with a maximum file size of 1 MB, such as image, CSS, and javascript on your website.

Your content on your website will be pulled from the source URL and cached on the nearest edge server to the end-user and served from this edge server.

Your contents will be delivered from Medianova edge servers to the end-user with a URL like “”. If you want to use a different domain, you can redirect to Medianova domains after creating the desired domain name with CNAME. Thus, the content on your website will be delivered to the end-users via the domain name you have specified.

Below extensions are not allowed in Small-Object Zone, for those extensions please open a new zone for large account

Inoperable File Extensions: | 3gp | 3gpp | asf | asx | mp3 | wma | wav | mid | mpg | mov | mpeg | m2p | flv | f4v | avi | ogv |ogg | aac | mp4 | m4a | m4v |

How to Open a New Zone for Small Object

  1. Log into MedianovaCDN panel by entering user information.

2.  On the left side of your screen, you will see the dashboard. Click on “Zones”.

3. Then click the “New Zone” button on the next screen.

4. Fill in the required gaps for the opening of a new zone for small object

    • Click the Small button on New Zone area
    • Enter a zone name at least 3 characters in length using letters and numbers, no special characters or spaces. You may also choose the “Use Random” option to create a unique name for your zone URL.
    • Enter the complete directory path to your data on your origin server (Example: http(s):// If you want your content to distribute with the different distributing method (ex: Origin Pull), you can contact your Technical Account Manager.
    • Enter something that describes this zone.

Once you enter your zone details and hit the “Create” button, a new zone will be created within a few minutes. 


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