Open a New Zone for Aksela

Aksela is a micro-caching website acceleration tool developed by Medianova and it aims to speed up the performance of your website by caching your static content in a distributed manner and serving them to your end-users from closest locations. It can also optimize codes, compresses static files and deliver these static files or contents as well as dynamic content from CDN nodes.

How to Open an Aksela Zone

  1. Log into MedianovaCDN panel by entering user information.

2. On the left side of your screen, Bellow dashboard, click on Zones.

3. Then click on New Zone button as shown in this picture.

4. You must fill in the required fields for opening an Aksela account.

  • Enter a zone Name which is at least 3 characters in length using letters and numbers. No special characters or spaces are accepted. You may also choose ‘Use Random’ option to create a unique name for your zone url.

  • Enter your Site url (example: in Site URL field.

  • Enter the complete directory path to your origin server (example: http(s):// in Origin URL section

  • Enter descriptive label for the zone you have created.

Once you enter your zone details and hit Create button, a new zone will be created within a few minutes. 


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