Create SMIL

You need to create a “streamname” for the broadcast stream you want to broadcast. The steps for creating “streamname” for the broadcast you want to broadcast via your Live and VOD account that you previously opened are defined below.

  1. Log into Medianova CDN panel and enter user information.
  2. When you are logged in, you will see the menu on the left side of your screen. Click on Zones
  3. Click the Stream Management button for the specified zone on the screen.

  4. Set a name for the Stream you want to broadcast. Type this name in the Create Stream Name> Stream Name Then you will see the Origin Push URL and Backup Origin Push URL related sections are automatically written. After all this, click on the Create button.
    Note: In case of a problem in the Origin where the broadcast is given, it is also necessary to publish it to the Backup Origin Push URL so that the broadcast does not fail and continues.
  5. You can view the information of the Stream by clicking the Stream Name you created under the Stream Name menu. Information includes Origin Push URL and Backup Origin Push URL, as well as a Single Stream HLS link to watch the broadcast.
    If you want to broadcast on one quality, you just need to do these operations. You can distribute the broadcast via the Single Stream HLS link. If you want to broadcast in more than one quality, you need to follow the step below.
  6. If you want to print more than one quality broadcast, you need to create Multi-Bitrate SMIL. Quality information about SMIL in Bitrate, Height, Width fields should be defined under the Multi-Bitrate SMIL Settings In general, because of the broadcasting of 3-quality Multi-Bitrate, 3 quality details can be seen to be defined. If you want to add more quality, you can add new grades by clicking the Add Stream button. Next to each specified quality, the Origin URL and Backup URLs to which the publication will be printed are defined. After all the definitions, you can activate the settings by clicking the Update button.