Aksela Test Steps

1. The IP address of the CDN URL shared with you by the Medianova Customer Care team or created via Free trial is found as follows.

    • The CDN URL is pinged by opening the Command Prompt. (CDN URL = <zone_name>.mncdn.com)

                   Example 1: ping www-yourdomain.mncdn.com

                   Example 2: ping efalndi5nc.mncdn.com


2. The IP address obtained after pinging the CDN URL is added to the “host” file on your computer.

    • Windows key + R will open the run tab.
    • Type system32 in the search bar and click ok.
    • On the screen that opens, the drivers folder is found and opened.
    • The etc folder in the “drivers” folder is found and opened.
    • You can right-click on your “host” file and select open with, and edit it with one of the applications such as Notepad or Notepad++.

    • The IP address you obtained in the first step and the website you want to reach using this IP address are added to the file and saved.


3. Browser cache is cleared. A request is made to the page by typing yourdomain.com in the address bar.

    • After the page is opened, right-click on an empty area and select inspect. The Network tab opens and it is understood from the “MNCDN” under the Server tab that the .html file is served from Medianova.

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