Aksela Site Acceleration Platform

Dynamic Content vs Static Content

Static content is any file that is stored in a server and is the same every time and for every user. Static content includes files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and videos.

Dynamic content changes based on factors specific to the user such as time of visit, location, and device. A dynamic webpage will not look the same for everybody, and it can change as users interact with it. This makes webpages more personalized and more interactive.

What is Dynamic Content Caching?

Aksela is the dynamic content caching platform of Medianova. It allows you to cache dynamic components of your website and deliver them from CDN nodes.

Aksela allows the caching of HTML pages based on request path, cookies, and request headers. According to this configuration, Aksela will decide when and how to cache the responses and deliver them to users. These configurations define the conditions that “dynamic” pages must be served from cache, while other requests that must go to the origin, will continue to do so.

Advantages of Dynamic Content Caching

  • Improve time to first byte (TTFB) and overall performance of your website
  • Higher availability
  • Reduce the number of requests to the origin infrastructure
  • Helps you to handle burstable campaign without upgrading origin infrastructure
  • Improve SEO ranking related to site performance
  • The extra layer of security against DDOS attacks with load mitigation